What’s the Best File Cabinet for You?

A file cabinet is basically a piece of office equipment used to store numerous paper files in file drawers. In the simplest of terms, it’s simply an enclosure for filing drawers where sensitive documents are kept. The two most popular types of file cabinets are lateral files and vertical files. Both styles come with a variety of features, as well as different options for storing documents. For example, file cabinets that are lateral come with single or double drawers while vertical models have a combination of both.

Aside from the style and design of the file cabinet, its sizes, shapes and depths depend on how many documents you want to keep. Larger file cabinets range from 3 inches to seven inches wide and taller than 6 inches. They’re also available in various depths, from one and a half inches to three-and-a-half inches. You can mount it on your wall or have it stand on its own.

Vertical file storage cabinets, on the other hand, feature two levels for stowing documents neatly. Their height, unlike that of lateral cabinets, is variable. You can choose the appropriate depth for your needs. Some even offer adjustable hanging files for those times when you need to access the top most portion of the drawer. This is ideal for people who are frequently using card files.

Both vertical and horizontal models of these office furniture are available with varying number of drawers. Two to three drawer units are quite common, while higher numbers of drawers are available for bigger or heavier documents. You can purchase file cabinets with single, multiple, even three or four drawers. They’re mostly used for filing personal and business documents, though. They’re designed to suit specific purposes, like for briefcases, books, CDs and DVDs, office stationery, folders, and other similar items.

So, what really is the best file cabinet for you? There is no one right answer for that. It depends on how much you’re willing to spend, on the size of your office, on what type of storage you need, and on the overall style of your office. Whatever you decide, however, make sure that the filing cabinet you get suits your taste, as well as your lifestyle.

These two types of file cabinets differ greatly in price. The cost of vertical file cabinets starts at $500 or more, and they can go up to several hundred dollars. They are made out of sturdy metal frames, and they have between two to seven drawers on each side. They usually have three to five inches wide drawers. They come with locking mechanism and a filing cabinet lock.

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